Mitzvah-Centered Workshops Big Success at LimmudPhilly

Posted by Rabbi Goldie Milgram |

At LimmudPhilly I was delighted to offer several sessions. Just want to mention one in particular, a workshop on how to relate to the homeless people we encounter on any random day. We began with each person sharing a memory of such an encounter and what it was like for them. The candor and depth of the participants got us off to a great start as we deepened in the relevant mitzvot together - tamhui, kvod ha-briut and more. I taught a type of listening that validates a person who is down and out even if we can't totally transform their life and circumstances. Participants really appreciated the power of this method. Our creative practicing of the listening skill was then reinforced by telling my tale from Mitzvah Stories, "The God of Curried Fish." It's so moving giving a mitzvah workshop this way - I greatly look forward to taking it on the road! The Mitzvah Cards workshop I knew would likely fly beautifully, and it did. This one was a newly devised approach; love crafting new experiential teachings! Next engagement: Gems of Holiness Shabbaton at City Island Synagogue in honor of Rabbi Shohama Wiener!