Call for Submissions to "A Treasury of Family Mitzvah Stories"

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Reclaiming Judaism Press
is seeking original and inspiring
"Mitzvah Stories"

to be included in
A Family Treasury of Mitzvah Stories

In Honor of Danny Siegel

(R)evolution for Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Welcome and Long Overdue

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Many friends forward a flyer for the URJ "Bnai Mitzvah Revolution" announcement because they remembered it's the initiative theme and header for my own work in B'nei Mitzvah lo these many years. I'm thrilled to see the Reform Movement seeking to address this need. Just posted a piece on the topic under teachings here. Would love to hear your ideas and perceptions too.

Mitzvah-Centered Workshops Big Success at LimmudPhilly

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At LimmudPhilly I was delighted to offer several sessions. Just want to mention one in particular, a workshop on how to relate to the homeless people we encounter on any random day. We began with each person sharing a memory of such an encounter and what it was like for them. The candor and depth of the participants got us off to a great start as we deepened in the relevant mitzvot together - tamhui, kvod ha-briut and more. I taught a type of listening that validates a person who is down and out even if we can't totally transform their life and circumstances.

Teaching in Song for Passover 2012

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Many seder supplements are single issue pieces. At our seder, we hope to connect participants to the key issues of our times in brief, yet meaningful ways. Our seder outline and songsheet is downloadable for free. If you've been following these postings, here's the one song you haven't seen yet, a song that communicates a special meaning of the afikomen.

Can a Child Be Wicked?

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The seder liturgy of the Four Sons has always disturbed me for reasons more than gender bias, also because of the dismissive labeling and assumptions about children. So, we teamed up to create this new version which recasts the sons through a contemporary understanding of children's behavior. The piece is titled Four Special Children. Blessings for a sweet and meaningful Passover!

Enhancing the Sounds of Seder: A Song for Maror

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New SOUNDS OF SEDER (to the tune of Sounds of Silence) to sing during Maror, addressing some of our current social/political concerns with heart, strength, and a shtikele humor, by Rabbi Goldie Milgram.

Rabbi Milgram Brings Program to Ocala

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by, Judi Siegal, President, Cong. Beth Israel of Ocala