Holy Rolers: Who Are You Becoming in Community?

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah (R)evolution continues!

It's great fun to have a special role in your community. It's also holy, we call these roles Shevet Shomrei Kodesh, Tribal Guardians of Holiness. Here are some examples to develop for yourself, students, grandchildren, etc!   Can you expand this list? Who do you know for whom one or some of these roles would be an exciting fit or identity to try on with meaningful mentoring and community support?

Ambiance Engineers. Welcoming guest and attendees to service, events, rituals, creating uniquely interesting and welcoming environments for each gathering, including helping families create sukkahs, collect Judaica, etc.

Peacemakers. Mediators for intra-communal conflict and to resource community with programs, articles & on-call skills/methods for couples, classes, parenting, inter-faith and communal events.

Sports through a Jewish Lens. Designers of sports approaches for Jewish learning, prepare for support and participation of representatives at regional and international Maccabia, brings articles, links, films, etc. re Jews and sports to congregational attention, engage in support of Special Olympics, organize trips to events….

New Jewish Music Promoters. Song lovers post reviews of new Jewish music cds; recommend and debut new melodies for services & events & cultivate ruach (spirit). Musicians create &/or offer new Jewish folks songs and ballads, liturgical music, create music experiences, ensembles, a capella groups, events, share links, videos, etc.

Environmental activists. Cultivators of a green synagogue: organizing programs, local actions, highlighting issues, posting links, etc. to keep the community informed and engaged.

Foodies. Food preparation & organization for families re shiva, oneg shabbat, seders, add to the newsletter things like nurturing holiday and life cycle food ideas, food health advocacy efforts in collaboration with the teva guild, helping students and those becoming Jewish to know how to prepare & appreciate Jewish holiday foods...

Guild of Jewish storytellers, finding, or crafting and helping each other prepare stories for every occasion from baby namings to workers rights rallies, for holy days, regarding the Torah portions, to reflect emerging and classical Jewish values in ways that help learning and living be savored at gatherings of every kind.

Guild of Jewish Artists. Artists and art lovers shaping Jewish art programs to enhance and advance the life of the community through discussion, production, study and preparation, mentoring of talented members, offer unique events such as having artists study Jewish sources, poems, art and create new works for every aspect of a seder or holiday, theme, rite of passage, etc, collaborate with other guilds on this.

Prayer Leaders. Learning leaders of aspects of prayer who consult with other guilds to refresh and empower ever more leaders in many aspects of prayer; also for shiva minyanim, blessings for meals, unveilings, invocations…

Guild of Jewish Writers. Poets, fiction and non-fiction writers, journalists, editing, posting, publishing, sharing and promoting of Jewishly relevant works and literary programs

Gamesters & Techies. Programmers and reviewers who apply, create and share new ways of bring apps, website excellence, lists, and such to Jewish life and living within the community and beyond.

Jewish Drama Guild. Playwrights, puppeteers, filmmakers dramatizing issues and themes for Jewish learning and living

Humorists. Those who craft or collect humor to reflect the community back to itself in instructive ways as well as in regard to relevant news and issues in the world

Interpreters of Torah
. Those who bring Torah to life through interpretations such as midrashim, bibliodrama, movement, etc.

Mystics & Meditators. Those training in contemplative and mystical Jewish practices and also helping others to appreciate this aspect of Jewish life and learning including meditation, movement, sacred dance and other integrative practices.

Event planners, Take on the core logistical and marketing aspects of  “producing” retreats, concerts, visiting scholars, tikkun olam events and more for our community.

Fundraisers and Board members
Those who provide and solicit community support and oversight and mentor new leadership.

Jewish Healthcare Guild. Study, practice and promote Jewishly inspired approaches to practice, listening, healing, malpractice, equal access to care, ethical issues, and promote legislation to support those in need and evolution of the professions; might provide confidential care to those unable to secure what is needed.

Jewish Dance Guild. Bringing the community fully to life by learning, practicing and introducing new Israeli dances throughout the year for events, services, rites of passage, religious school, etc.

Social Welfare & Justice Activists. Assist struggling individuals and families in navigating support systems, engage community in their support; consider policy and programs in US, Israel and world in balanced way and offer programs, links, action trips, etc.

Jewish Practice Mentors. “Field guides” for those seeking to deepen their Jewish practice and connections while guides are deepening their own understanding and practice through creating programs, bringing in guest teachers, holding demonstrations before or during events, helping b’nei mitzvah students and those undertaking conversion to Judaism, etc.

Dying, Funeral & Mourning Support Team. Study and become the “go to people” who help those dying and families to appreciate and undertake end of life practices, organ donation, help plan Jewish funeral, secure interment arrangements, create shiva process, prepare the home and keep it ready for guests, work with guilds for platters, etc.

Building and Grounds Support
. Those drawn to building design and repair, buildings and grounds, proper access for those with physical disabilities.

Israel Activists.
Those drawn to creating a secure, just, beautiful State of Israel study, create programs, organize trips, work on advocacy issues within Israeli culture, promote Israel’s achievements, highlight needs, foster relationships with Israelis, etc.

Spiritual Friends. Cultivating skills of confidential holy listening and ability to help with processing of the "speed bumps on the path of life."

Visiting the Sick. Training in and visiting those who are mentally, emotionally or physically ill or suffering and their families.

Rabb/Cantor’s Helper. Keep the Torah rolled to proper spot, crowns polished, check to see prayer books are maintained, arrange for those who will leyn (chant) Torah, do hagbah and g’leelah (lift it, wrap it), coordinates ushers, maintain yartzeit and prayer for healing lists and post on email as appropriate

Jewish Book Guild. Readers, organizers, and reviewers of new Jewish literature create programs, post links and reviews, help to bring Jewish books into homes of Jewish families, meet to discuss books, promote local Jewish authors, etc.

Language Launchers. Those dedicated to learning and creatively perpetuating uses of Hebrew, Aramaic, Yiddish, Amharic, and/or Ladino within communal contexts – in the building, bringing films and theatre or trips to such, poetry slams, chat groups, inserts at gatherings for healing/prayer/holidays/tikkun olam, creating and/or sharing new blessings.

Can you think of some more identities? The joy of Jewishing arises particularly when you have a meaningful role in the "tribe"!  Send your ideas to rebgoldie@gmail.com