Teachings: Mitzvah Projects

Identifying and Addressing the Spiritual Needs of B'nei Mitzvah Students and Families

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Podcast of Mitzvah Project: Gleaning and Glowing

Bmitzvah.org: B Mitzvah! The Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah (R)evolution

Inspiring four minute story of an updated approach to gleaning that adds dignity to the lives of the poor by creatively gleaning and supplying fresh produce to the shelves of the local food bank. A readily replicable mitzvah project perfect for bar and bat mitzvah, youth groups, congregations, etc. Gleaning projects are on the rise world-wide, and may be available for participation in your area.

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Links to Mitzvah Project Opportunities

Bmitzvah.org: B Mitzvah! The Bar and Bat Mitzvah (R)evolution continues

The following organizations offer solid mitzvah project opportunities:

Jewish Coalition for Service: Umbrella agency for social action volunteer service opportunities around the world. http://werepair.org/

Trains and partners teachers and schools in how to do social action, also lists many ideas and methods for mitzvah projects. Areyvut.org

Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger is dedicated to supporting soup kitchens and food pantries; many families give about 3% of B-Mitzvah party costs to this effort. Mazon.org

Must Jewish Children Be Vaccinated?

A wonderful mitzvah project is to educate families about the NEWS about vaccinations.

Full Submission Guidelines for "A Family Treasury of Mitzvah Stories"

Good writers in your family? Enter a Mitzvah Story and
get writers in your community to submit stories too!

Reclaiming Judaism Press

Full Submission Guidelines for

"A Family Treasury of Mitzvah Stories"

in Honor of Danny Siegel

Holy Rolers: Who Are You Becoming in Community?

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah (R)evolution continues!

It's great fun to have a special role in your community. It's also holy, we call these roles Shevet Shomrei Kodesh, Tribal Guardians of Holiness. Here are some examples to develop for yourself, students, grandchildren, etc!   Can you expand this list? Who do you know for whom one or some of these roles would be an exciting fit or identity to try on with meaningful mentoring and community support?