For me God expresses the oneness of the evolving Cosmos. God is that to which I cry out when I am in pain. God is a direction for my praise of the stunning creation of which we are a part. God is that which you and I resemble..........in our creative and destructive nature.

God is everything unfolding, seeking all possibilities, becoming what it is becoming. God is the encoded consciousness of the cosmos which is aware of Its needs and deploys every one of us as an important part of the present and future.

God is the cosmos's ability to interact through us...........our choices shifting its realities, its unfolding realities impacting upon our choices. God is as vast and inconceivable as infinity and as intimate and familiar as love and death.

God is our sensation of the deep structure of matter through which evolving Jewish rituals encode ways of achieving healing, connection, loving-kindness and peace. Kodesh barchu u'Shechinteh - masculine and feminine energies, the illusion of separation and unification - Divine.

There are at least 360 degrees in all dimensions of possible God experience. Some are diametric opposites, such as feeling abandoned or betrayed by God or feeling loved. Humans are complex beings and we can contain opposing experiences as meaningful without requiring any specific on to be proven or true by the methods of linear thinking.

I have heard both Rabbis Marcia Prager and Jane Litman individually articulate a version of this idea as follows: "When people ask me if I believe in God, I answer 'no.' And then they continued by saying, 'I experience God.'"

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